‘Twas the treasure winner revealed

All week long you shared with us your creativity through community blogging. ‘Twas the Write Before Christmas was not only a respite for your own soul, but a connection to ours. In connecting with you through this magical process we have learned about where our hearts belong this holiday time and through out the year. We have learned through your warmly written recipes, festive photography, expressive writings, and heart bestirring poetry. It has been a journey that may have been paved with stretched imaginations.

Thank you for sharing with us a part of your own soul.

Thank you for sharing your gifts of fruitful talent and time.

Thank you for all that you contributed in this busy time of year.

You shared memories of holidays past, present and future. We read and were delighted! You shared your creative view of the holidays through memories, stories, photos, crafts –whatever inspired you.

Where ever the prompts took you is where we were hoping you would go.
We hope you were as inspired as us to see, read and share the magic of the season.
We also know this is a busy time of year and it was hard to take the time to do something creative just for yourself. So we had a little incentive:

{So} Sartina generously offered four lovely, classic handmade stockings for one person who links up during ‘Twas the Write Before Christmas. {Random.org  selected the winner from all of the links — the more links, the more chances there were  to win and the more creativity flowing through your fingers.}

And the winner is…

drum roll, please…

We’re so excited…

Have you seen all of {So} Sartina’s lovely work?…

Squeee!!! …


Yvette’s Twistedvines!!!


Yvette, please email us your information so that we can have {So} Sartina send your fabulous set of Christmas stockings.


Thank you, again!


8 responses to “‘Twas the treasure winner revealed

  1. Congratulations!
    I enjoyed the week!
    Thanks, y’all!

  2. Many heartfelt thanks to the lovely ladies who hosted this event and to each talented person who particpated. I enjoyed creating and reading/seeing your creations.

  3. Oh I wish I would have seen this sooner. What a great idea!

  4. Oh, I loved reading this everyday. Congratulations.

  5. It was a pleasure sharing this Christmas spirit with you all, even though I’ve had a difficilt time this past month…knowing and understanding the true meaning of Christmas through another persons eyes, their emotions and creativity has made me feel not so alone…with heartfelt thanks..Yvette x

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