Sharing the Gift of Stories

T’was the Write Before Christmas: Sharing the Gift of Stories

Remember the joy and wonder that accompanied the holidays of childhood?
The days seemed magical.
Glittery lights twinkling in the night, sparkling fresh snow, presents stacked under a tree.
Sometimes as adults, we forget to take the time to see the joy, the magic and the wonder of the season.
We get too caught up in the day- to-day tasks that go into creating that magic for our children.

“Stories are gifts to be shared”

As we move into this busy holiday season, we at Bigger Picture Blogs wanted to sponsor an outlet, an escape from the hectic planning. A chance to take the time to see, remember, feel the magic of the holiday.

A chance to create some magic of your own.

You are invited to breathe in the wonder and creativity of the holidays with us during:

T’was the Write Before Christmas

6-12 December

A chance for you to remember holidays past, present and future. To share your creative view of the holidays through memories, stories, photos, crafts –whatever inspires you.

Each day for an entire week we will post a prompt in a thought, a word, a quote or a photo inspired by the season. We will host a linky list here on the Bigger Pictures Blogs site so we can can share our stories with each other.

A story can be anything you are inspired to share; a poem, a fiction piece, free writing, a memory.

Words aren’t the only way to share stories.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” applies here.

We welcome sharing a photo, a painting or a craft you have made. There are no rules —  just inspiration and creativity!

Where ever the prompts take you is where you should go.

We hope you will be as inspired as us to see, read and share the magic of the season.

We know this is a busy time of year and it may be hard to want to take the time to do something creative just for yourself. So we have a little incentive:

How about four beautiful incentives?

{So} Sartina has generously offered four lovely, classic handmade stockings for one person who links up during T’was the Write Before Christmas. { will select the winner from all of the links — the more links, the more chances to win and the more creativity flowing through your fingers.}

So get your creative juices flowing, grab our button (it’s over there in the sidebar), and come back on Monday for your first prompt!

As always, we’ll be visiting each other and everyone who links for support and encouragement. We hope you’ll do the same.

Happy storytelling!

– Alita, Hyacynth, Melissa, & Sarah

4 responses to “Sharing the Gift of Stories

  1. Oooooh! So exciting!! I can’t wait to see the prompts as I am starting to put more of a focus on my writing.

  2. My memories from Christmas past:
    1. The nativity scene. It had a music box that played Silent Night and it missed a phrase of the verse. My mom always put a blue lightbulb through the hole in the back so it would look like nighttime. My dad helped us memorize Luke 2. Every night in December we would sit down as a family to recite Luke 2. Each child got to hold a piece of the manger scene. If you had the shepherd or the angel, you were expected to recite what they said without any help. All these years later, my siblings and I can still recite Luke 2 – all with the same inflection in our voice! About 3 years ago, I found a manger scene just like the one I grew up with online. What cracks me up is that the music box plays Silent Night, with the same phrase of the song missing like my mom’s. And yes, I always put a blue light in it. This year I hope to begin the tradition of reciting Luke 2 everyday with my girls so that they will know it all their lives and be able to teach it to their children.
    2. Jesus’ birthday cake – Mom always made a birthday cake for Jesus for Christmas morning. Before we could open our presents, we would all gather around the table and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. It helped us keep our focus where it needed to be. I have continued this tradition with my girls, making an “angel food cake” for Jesus.
    3. The trunk – Mom stored decorations in this old red plaid trunk. I can remember what it looked like and what it smelled like. To me, that smell was Christmas.
    4. Stockings – One year my mom made stockings for all of us out of red felt. She embroidered our names on them in white thread. I still have mine and use it every year.
    5. Best Christmas gift ever – One year mom made red velvet dresses for me and my two younger sisters, a sky blue velvet dress for my youngest sister, and green crushed velvet vests for my three brothers. She would tie our eyes shut when she was fitting them on us so we couldn’t see them. Then Christmas morning, she tied our eyes shut again, dressed us in our new outfits and took off the blindfolds. Dad took pictures and captured the looks on our faces. I still have my red velvet dress and my three oldest girls have had the privilege of wearing it at Christmas time.

  3. Oh, this is a great idea and I can’t wait to participate. I love writing about Christmas. It is my favorite season of the year.

  4. This is an excellent advent meme! Love it and those stockings are gorgeous !

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