Daily Archives: November 23, 2010

A warm welcome on a cold day

I {Hy} was first drawn to Alita of Alita Jewel’s Treasures {formerly Da Mainiacs} because of her thoughtful comments on many of the blogs I frequent.

It was almost as though her comments were an extension of the conversation started by some dear friends who had penned the posts.

Isn’t it funny the things that draw us to new friends in the blogosphere? Had I met Alita at a gathering in real-life, I probably would have found myself initially liking her for the same reason — thoughtful responses always get me in person and online.

Of course, the next step in getting to know Alita wasn’t actually inviting her out to have coffee but rather reading her blog.

I instantly loved her sense of humor, her genuinity, her beautiful writing and amazing photographs.

Melissa and Sarah also connected with her through Bigger Picture Blogs, and we found that her name emerged quite a few times as we discussed adding another community leader after Maegan and Corinne stepped down as active community leaders at the end of the summer.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Alita as a community leader. As a community leader, Alita will join us in putting together writing events intended to foster community and creativity {like Write Pink and our newest project, which will soon be announced in, oh, less than a week! Squeeee!}.

She will also become one of the hosts for Bigger Picture Moments on a rotating basis.

We look forward to blending her creative gifts {so many!} with our own while brainstorming and implementing creative events here at Bigger Picture Blogs.

With four of us at the drawing board of our Bigger Picture Blog community, we hope to be able to inspire, connect, encourage and foster creativity in a grand way during 2011!

As always, we cannot wait to connect and inspire more connections while growing our creative spirits.
Hyacynth, Melissa, Sarah {and for the first time ever!} Alita