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Featured Bigger Picture Moment: A typical Morning Where Nothing Get’s Done

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How often as mother’s do we get to the end of a morning and look around us, feeling that we have somehow wasted out time, that nothing has been done? We have a tendency to undervalue the little things we do that no one notices. We see them as routine, chores that get in the way of whatever we feel we ‘ought’ to be doing. We do these little things without thinking, and because we don’t think, we feel that we have somehow wasted our days. Sometimes, instead of the big picture, we need to look at the little picture, and value ourselves and our contribution to our family. Mothers are important.


In the scheme of things, doing my laundry will not solve world hunger, nor will it bring about world peace. It may not seem to make a difference. But it makes a difference to my family.

Doing the washing up may not seem like an important task, it doesn’t have any kudos attached.  But it makes a difference to my family.

Cleaning the house may seem like an impossible and unimportant task. But it makes a difference to my family.

Getting my children out of the door in the morning may not win me a Nobel prize. But it makes a difference to my family.

I know that each day, even in the little things, I make a difference to at least 3 other people.

Wake up.

Sit up.

Rub eyes.

Stare at the wall.


Stand up slowly.

Pull on jogs.


“Get out of bed”


“Are you not dressed yet?”

“You have to go soon”

“Eat some breakfast.”

“Do you need this book?”

“Your PE kit is your responsibility.”

“No, you can’t have a lift.”

“Have a good day”.



More coffee.

Toast and email.

Empty the dishwasher

Fill the dishwasher.

Answer the phone.

Talk and move toys.

Hang up phone.

Look at the sky.

Weigh the risk.

Fill the tumble dryer.




Gather wet towels and dirty washing.

Washing machine on.

Kettle on.

Clear the units.

Wipe the units

Answer the phone.

Talk and facebook.


Hang up phone.

Find the post.

Sort out diary, fill out slips.

Think of dinner, check the fridge.

Throw out mouldy leftovers.


Pick up mess.

Fill the bin.

Sort recycling.

Hoover the living room.

Remember the kettle.

Brew and sit.

Where did the morning go, nothing has got done again?


For a funny take on things mums say have a look at this video,  William Tell Momisms by Anita Renfroe, which has become pretty much a funny classic view of the things mothers say. If nothing else it will make you laugh as you recognise yourself or your own mum. Then remember how important you are. Remember how important she is.