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The Bulletin Board {Featured Bigger Picture Moment}

As a way of strengthening community and promoting building relationships, we’re highlighting one Bigger Picture Moment from every weekly link up. Each post is randomly chosen by random.org. Enjoy this week’s feature if you haven’t already read it, from Patty at Pitterle Postings:

I am a Postmaster in a small office.  I love my job, but living in a small town can be a little daunting when you have always been a city girl.  One of the first things I did when I moved here was to put up a bulletin board in the lobby.  It is not colorful, it is not fancy, it is just a write on / wipe off board that I bought with my own money at the Costco that is three hours away.  On my board, I quote a thought every day.  I spend a lot of time finding them.  I use all ten books that I own that are full of the best quotations, as well as the internet.  I always try to find something that “speaks” to my heart.

The amazing thing about my bulletin board, is that people come from all over town just to read it.  I try not to be too religious, because my goal is to lift others up, not put anyone else down.  I try to find things that are kind and thought provoking.  I have even been known to use a little humor from time to time.
There is never a day that goes by that one or two (or even more) people come in just to say how much they love reading the daily quote.  In all the years that I have done this (over four now), I have only had one complaint and that was from someone who did not live here and wanted me to do something that was against the rules.  When I would not, he claimed that I was violating my own quote (it happened to be on attitude that day!)

My point is simply this, we each have our own small corner of the world where we live, work and associate.  It is up to us what we do with it.  We can ignore everyone else.  We can wish things were different.  We can wish everyone around us would change.  Or we can work at making our own little corner just a bit better than it was before.
I started out doing the board to remind myself to be a better person.  To remind myself that I can be kind, generous, and good.  Somehow, in making myself a little bit happier, I have had the added benefit of blessing the lives of those whom I serve.
I think that is really what life is about after all.

Elder John H. Groberg once said:  We are all missionaries. All of our words and actions have eternal consequences—for they influence not only ourselves, but others as well”.