Daily Archives: September 14, 2010


During my sophomore year of college, I came across a study in my sociology class detailing the body language of women who are in love and/or infatuated.

Women, said the study, subconsciously point their toes inward {you know, pigeon toed} when they are around men they really like or really love.

I casually began taking note of feet whenever I was in a social situation … even my own.

So it came as no surprise that my feet told me before my brain had even put it together just how much I liked John the New Year’s night we took a cruise down the Nile River during our senior year of college. {Yes, that’s right. We met and fell in love in Egypt on a study abroad trip.}

We had been standing on the deck of the flat-bottom ship, overlooking the city through hazy lights when I happened to glance down at my feet.

And there they were. My toes, pointed in toward each other.

{The heart palpitations when he held my hand were the next indicator.}

While we were at a wedding a few weeks ago, I had casually glanced down at our feet; I coyly smiled at John and told him about that study. John laughed, but it’s always been true. And I had caught myself again, toes pointed in, as I flirted with my husband while the DJ pumped music into the air and the new married couple mingled.

Five years of marriage, and I’m still very apparently head-over-heals {toe-facing-toe?} in love with my husband.

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