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Friday Feature: New Old School

Every Friday our Blog Frog community features a link-up for our community to post their best or favorite post of the week. It may be the one that got the most comments, or maybe it’s one that the loved, that they’re heart spoke through and didn’t get the attention it deserved. From those that linked up we choose one randomly to share here.Want to be featured? Be sure to link up your favorite post to our Blog Frog Discussion!

This week Friday Feature is The Damsel in Dis Dress and her blog: New Old School:

Testing Eggs for Freshness

It’s easy to tell when some things have gone bad.

But how do you tell if an egg is too “aged”, without cracking it?

It’s confusing because the expiration date marked on the carton isn’t that great a guide. Many eggs are perfectly safe to use after their expiration. So how do you know?

Grandma would tell you to do this simple test. Lower the suspect into a bowl of water, deep enough to cover the egg. If the egg lays on its side on the bottom, it’s very fresh. If it stands on end in the water, it’s less fresh but still fine to eat. If it floats at the top, ew.

Another easy egg trick: Say you’ve hard boiled some eggs, and they’re sitting in the fridge with their friends the uncooked eggs. Pretend you can’t remember which ones are which. Just spin the egg on the countertop (careful!) and observe. If it spins smoothly, it’s hard boiled. If it wobbles, it’s uncooked. (The uncooked egg sloshes around inside the shell when you spin it, causing the wobble.)

Side note: When the Damsel was young, she lived near a chicken farm that sold chipped and slightly cracked eggs to the neighboring country people. The Damsel confesses she ate many of these eggs, reveling in their cheapness and feeling no ill effects. But nowadays, that’s not a great idea, since salmonella seems to be more of a problem than in the good old days. Sigh…